Twin Powder Set ( Body & Foot )

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Body Powder

Natural talc with a soft perfume

A fine talc that absorbs excess body fluids and sweat.
The talc has a cooling and calming effect.
Natural minerals absorb the moisture in the skin folds.
It protects the skin and keeps it dry, supple and smooth.
After showering or bathing, first dry the skin extra well with a soft towel, and then apply the talcum powder.
A fine talc with soft perfume that is presented in a handy sprinkler. This talk can be recommended for both babies and adults.
Also suitable for intimate care, after hair removal with a lady shave or a depilatory cream.
content: 70 gr. - Art. no: 50340-1

Foot powder

Anti-bacterial ingredient.
China clay (special type of clay): moisture-absorbing.
Mint: refreshes and deodorizes.
Sweat-blocking ingredient.
~~ Is ideal for athletes and people who suffer from perspiring and malodorous feet.
The special type of clay ensures that moisture is absorbed as much as possible.
The anti-bacterial product and the mint extract together ensure that the feet remain freshly scented.
Even after a thorough foot treatment, a foot talk massage gives a soothing feeling.
Content: 70 gr - Art. No.: 12035