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Removes dead skin cells in a natural, non-aggressive way.
Dual action: enzymatic (keratoline) and mechanical (rice and jojoba grains) peeling.
For face and body.
Pleasant and soothing effect on the skin.

Item no. : 10815 e 150ml - 5.1 Fl. Oz

Keratoline: Gently removes dead skin cells for younger, healthier skin Not aggressive for the skin: An enzymatic peeling: dead skin cells are loosened without rubbing. Very suitable for sensitive skin. Stimulates cell renewal Perfect alternative to AHAs (skin acids) Has an anti-aging effect on the skin Rice and jojoba grains: Moving Peel: The rice and jojoba granules gently remove dead skin cells by applying a circular motion to the skin. They are also referred to as scrubs. Natural products = environmentally friendly
Use: 1. To be applied to damp skin. Divide over the places that need to be scrubbed (face and / or body, feet, hands, ...) 2. Make circular, circular movements on the skin. 3. After scrubbing, rinse thoroughly with plenty of (lukewarm) water, so that the scrub particles are rinsed away. 4. Afterwards, take care of your skin with a good moisturizing cream (day or night cream for the face, moisturizing emulsion for the body) Recommendations: * Use Rub - Peel & Feel weekly for an optimal effect on the skin * Suitable for both men and women * Recommended for normal to sensitive skin