Neutralene Shower Gel - Creamy bath & shower

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A gentle hypoallergenic cleansing cream formula
For use in the shower or in the bath,
* without soap,
* without parabens
* pH neutral.
It restores the skin barrier and moisturizes the skin to the maximum while showering.
The skin remains soft and comfortable.
For every skin at every age.
Dermatologically tested and approved

Content: 400 ml - Art. No.: 170004

Glycerine: humectant. Cetiol HE: prevents the skin from becoming dry. Merquat Plus 3330: reduces pulling sensation after drying of the skin, provides excellent hydration. * Paraben-free, * PH neutral, * hypo-allergenic.
Apply a little shower gel on a sponge or washcloth and mix with water to obtain a good foam formation. Rinse thoroughly after washing the skin; the skin feels velvety soft. You can also put a spoonful of cream in the bath for a foam bath.