My Funny Body Beverly Foam Bath

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Clear translucent bubble bath.
Fresh floral bouquet with a fruity note, supported by jasmine, Lily of the Valley and orange blossom.
An invigorating, invigorating bubble bath that refreshes and makes your skin look beautiful.
Makes the skin soft.
Content : 250 ml - Art. no. : 170243
A natural skin-soothing ingredient: which adapts the cleansing action to the nature and structure of the skin. After all, after taking a bath or shower, the natural protective film produced by the skin has disappeared. The Istrilene foam baths are composed so that the skin can rebuild this film in a minimum of time. Thus, even with regular bathing, the skin will feel soft. A foam stabilizer ensures that the foam lasts for a very long time. Wonderfully perfumed with Jasmine, lily of the valley and orange blossom.
A tablespoon is enough for a bath. Pour the ladle of bubble bath on the bottom of the bath where the water jet hits the bath. It is best to fill the bath with the sprinkler.