Make-Up Stick - 02

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~~ The make up stick is a stick-sized foundation.
~~ After the protective day cream, the make up stick is applied to the face and neck by applying small stripes of color on the face with the stick and then distributing the color evenly with the fingertips.

~~ The amount of product you apply also determines the coverage of the color. So you can color very light to very heavy and darker.

~~ Can easily be carried in the handbag, so you can quickly touch up your make-up at any time. The make-up stick gives the skin the desired matte complexion for a long time.

Art. No. 120630 - content: 16 ml

~~ Nothing as easy as applying the foundation stick: - Apply 2 lines of foundation on your jaw, one on your nose, one on your chin and one on your neck - Blend this nicely over your face and neck with your fingertips - Done !! - Maybe finish with a powder, but this is not a requirement ... Handy to take with you on the road to quickly update your complexion, wherever you are!