Shaving Gel + Aftershave Balm - Legs etc.

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Shaving gel that softens the skin.
Makes the hair softer, makes shaving easier and shaves shorter.
Hair is less likely to come back.
Feels fresh.
Will counteract irritations of the skin, even with sensitive skin.

Content: 100 ml - Art. No.: 14516

After shave balm that can be used after any kind of hair removal.
Will disinfect any small wounds.
Less chance of irritation after hair removal.
Prevents any minor bleeding due to the allantoin present.
The skin is hydrated and gives a fresh feeling.

Content: 100 ml - Art. No.: 14521


art. 14517

Chamomile: skin soothing, anti-inflammatory. Foaming properties.
Best to use during a warm shower or bath (hair and skin become softer). Mix small amount of gel in palm with a little water. Apply to well-moistened skin to be shaved. Keep the skin taut. Use a new, sharp razor to avoid cuts. First shave with the hair growth. Rinse the razor in running, warm water in between. After use, rinse the gel residue thoroughly with warm water. Then use Istrilene after shave balm.