iForce Hydra Aftershave Gel

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Stimulating after shave gel with 2-in-1 moisturizing effect: immediate and long-lasting hydration!

Prevents skin aging and DNA damage and has a healing and caring effect.

Protects the skin against pollution, stress and harmful environmental factors.
Contains an spf 15

Content: 50 ml - Art. No.: 34103

Glycerine: maintains the moisture balance of the skin. Sunflower oil: vegetable oil with moisturizing properties. Fucogel 1000 PP: 2-in-1 moisturizing effect: immediate action and prolonged action. Detoxophane: protects the skin against pollution, prevents skin aging, prevents DNA damage, protects against stress and harmful environmental factors. Allantoin: healing and skin care properties
To be applied to your cleansed skin: morning and / or evening as a day and / or night cream. After shaving your face and neck, you can also wear a sexy stubble beard!