Ice Lotion

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Fresh, soothing lotion with allantoin and pro-vitamin B5.
Promotes suppleness and elasticity of the skin.
Cools burnt or irritated skin, soothes insect bites, nettled skin, ...
Stimulates the production of new skin cells.

Content: 100 ml - Art. No.: 10300

Allantoin: stimulates wound healing. Panthenol: has anti-inflammatory properties and a moisture level regulating effect. When panthenol penetrates the skin, Vit. B formed. This vitamin is necessary for the normal function of the epidermis. Alcohol: gives a refreshing feeling. The colorless Ice Lotion provides a refreshing and pain-relieving feeling when applied to sun-exposed skin. This handy spray has the advantage that the product can be applied without touching the skin.
Gently mist onto the skin, repeat after 15 minutes if necessary. Also very suitable for hot flashes during the transition period. Can be kept in the refrigerator for an extra refreshing result.