Hand Cream

Hand Cream

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Nourishing hand cream
Contains nourishing and moisturizing ingredients
Also contains an asset that promotes nail growth and strengthens the nails.
The hand & nail cream comes in a practical tube with a click cap.
The cream is ideal for daily use, after cleaning, washing up, etc ...
Scented with a fresh lemon scent.

Content: 100 ml - Art. No.: 11017

Biosaccharide Gum-1: is a film-forming active substance with long-lasting moisturizing properties. Avocado Oil: a vegetable oil with nourishing properties. Glycerin: maintains the moisture balance of the skin. D-Panthenol: when panthenol penetrates the skin, vitamin B is formed. This vitamin is necessary for optimal functioning of the epidermis. D-panthenol also has anti-inflammatory properties and is a good moisturizer. Disodium Cystinyl Disuccinate: Cystine is one of the most important ingredients for hair and nails. It contributes to the synthesis of the stem cells and therefore has a positive effect on the growth of the nails.
The hand & nail cream is ideal for daily use, after brushing, washing up, etc.