Foot Cream

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Massage the tired and heated feet with this refreshing cream. After a few moments you will feel the difference. Your feet are refreshed and rested.

Also ideal for calluses: calluses usually develop on the soles of the feet and are a thickening of the horny layer.
Apply a little cream on the calluses.
The hard callus has softened and can now be easily removed with the foot file.
Then wash and dry the feet thoroughly.

Can be used both in the morning (preventive) and in the evening (treatment).

Content: 100 ml - Art. No.: 12017

* The moisture stabilizer: prevents, in combination with washing, calluses. * The bactericidal effect: aims to combat bacterial foci so that the sweat odor is destroyed, without slowing down the sweating itself. * The fungicidal effect: has an anti-fungal effect.
Wash feet thoroughly with soap, rinse with cold water and dry. Apply the cream over the entire foot (also between the toes) and massage. Let it soak in well.