Eye Contour Balm

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A nourishing eye cream free from mineral oils.
Provides a good hydra-lipid film on the rim of the eye and improves the elasticity of the skin.
Extremely suitable for mature skin.

Content: 14 ml - Art.nr. : 15313

Glycerine: moisturizer. Tri (C14-C13) Alkyl Malate: a non-greasy softening light round touch with a good Hydro-Lipid coating, which approximates that of the skin. Olive oil: vegetable oil. Sterocare Estrogen: female steroid hormones responsible for numerous physiological states during puberty and adulthood. After menopause, the level of estrogens decreases. The negative phenomena that affect the skin are: dryness, loss of elasticity, reduction of collagen, graying of the skin. These changes can be partially improved with medical estrogen treatment. Sterocare: a clover flower extract contains isoflavones which can be added to any product intended for mature skin characterized by dryness, wrinkles and stiff skin. Thanks to its specific composition, Sterocare reactivates skin metabolism, reactivates skin metabolism, wrinkles are softened, the skin is better hydrated and less sensitive. Matrixyl: the active molecule in Matrixyl is micro collagen. Camellia Sinensis: provides good blood circulation.
Can be used daily. To be applied in the morning and in the evening under your day and night cream. Apply only to the eye contour. for both men and women!