Crystal'line Serum Repair + Anti-ageing

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Intensive repairing serum for a daily luxurious facial care with Organic Black Seed Oil, Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa, Blackseed Oil), Organic Argan Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Cyathea Cumingii Leaf Extract, and Organic Orange Water.

Very suitable for combating skin aging.
Global anti-aging formula with natural lifting effect
* Intensive recovery
* Increases skin elasticity
* Visibly reduces wrinkles
Content: 30 ml - Art. No.: 10702

Organic black seed oil, the Black cumin (Nigella Sativa, blackseed oil): A plant highly prized for its seeds, they have a strong flavor, are spicy and peppery. An oil is extracted from this spice. This oil has been used in the East for a very long time. Black seed oil is known for its soothing, invigorating, revitalizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is particularly suitable for dry, sensitive or irritated skin. Organic Argan Oil: Oil produced from the fruit seeds of the argan tree. It is appreciated for its food quality, cosmetic and many medicinal properties. The tree is very well adapted to drought and other ecologically difficult conditions of southwestern Morocco. Argan oil is exceptionally rich in natural tocopherols (vitamin E), rich in phenols and phenolic acids, rich in carotene, rich in squalene, rich in essential fatty acids, 80% unsaturated fatty acids and, depending on the extraction method, more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. It is mainly used to combat dryness of the skin and to prevent skin aging. Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter): Obtained from the seeds of the fruit of the sheanut tree. The kernels contain about 34-57% oil. It is a soft fat that melts easily at body temperature. It has a high content of moisturizing properties (up to 8%) and has very good soothing properties. Organic Orange Water: This orange water is extracted and distilled directly from the heart of the orange. Contains many essential elements: trace elements, mineral salts and a few drops of the essential oils. This water is completely biocompatible with the skin. Contributes to the renewal of the skin cells. Ribose: Ensures optimal metabolism in the skin, repairs skin cells. Very suitable for anti-aging treatments. ATP and oxygen are the most important molecules for the life of the cell, they form the basis for its well-being. Over time, our skin cells are put to the test (for example, pollution, physical exertion, tobacco and aging) that do not benefit the reserves of ATP. This also ensures a reduction in cellular respiration. The lack of energy in the cell implies a decrease in structural proteins and protection of the skin. The result is acceleration of the signs of aging (appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dull complexion). Thanks to Ribose, fibroblast, the skin cells are restored, the skin structure improves visibly, wrinkles are reduced and the elasticity of the skin improves. The improved oxygen consumption has a detoxifying effect and gives a healthy complexion. Result: the skin looks younger and more radiant thanks to Ribose "sugar of Life". Cyathea Cumingii Leaf Extract: The extract comes from the leaves of the cyathea tree in New Zealand, its specific composition provides an immediate lifting effect, elasticity and firming.
Serum to apply on pure skin under your day or / and night cream.