Crystal'line Night Cream

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Powerful, innovative formula

* Perfect, long-lasting hydration

* Soothes, smoothes and leaves the skin silky smooth

* Unique Anti skin aging complex

* Visibly reduces lines and wrinkles

* Strengthens the skin

* Visibly reduces age spots

* Very long and effective hydration of the skin

Content: 50 ml - Art. No.: 10408

Glycerine: Glycerin softens, softens and smooths the skin and has the capacity to absorb water from the surrounding air and allows the skin to maintain deep hydration. It is a moisturizing and moisturizing additive for the skin. Complex of Glycerine & Panicum Miliaceum Extract & Tannic Acid: Anti-aging complex (special composition). Specially designed to improve the structure of the skin. Visibly reduces wrinkles and lines, provides an overall healthy appearance. Contains a high dose of organic silicon. This promotes the production of the skin's own proteins and prevents skin aging. The natural tannic acid provides a tensioning effect on the skin. As a natural complexing agent, it will also protect the skin with its antioxidant properties. Allantoin: Allantoin helps to release the cells of the top layer of skin (dead skin cells), making the skin softer and more supple. Soothes dry, rough, flaky skin. The wound-healing properties of allantoin are highly appreciated. The allantoin also aids in water retention in the skin cells and therefore has a strong moisturizing function. Allantoin supports the regeneration of the skin cells, which makes the skin more resistant to the irritating influences of environmental factors. Allantoin is non-toxic, non-irritating and very effective. Saccharide Isomerate: Guarantees optimal, long hydration of the skin. Highly recommended for dry and mature skin. The water-magnet effect is cumulative during continuous use. PENTAVITIN (r) Provides instant, deep hydration by generating a reservoir of moisture for 72 hours! Proven by new extensive in-vivo and gene expression studies: improves epidermal cell hydration and creates a long-lasting skin barrier. Clinical ratings confirm Pentavin's remarkable efficiency: - more than 50% improvement in the smoothness and softness of the skin - Delivers over 50% reduction in cloudiness and itching after just two weeks of daily use. Tocopheryl Acetate: A form of vitamin E, a natural skin conditioner and antioxidant Helps wound healing due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
Apply to cleansed skin in the evening
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Isabel J.

Voedende nachtcrème

heel aangenaam in gebruik : lekkere geur, je huid voelt heel zacht aan bij dagelijks aanbrengen. Daarenboven heeft de crème de tijd om de hele nacht door te werken.