Collagen Elastin Enriched

Collagen Elastin Enriched

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The collagen elastin enriched cream is a very beneficial cream that gives fantastic quick visible results without side effects.
It promotes the increase of soluble collagen, makes connective tissues elastic, which improves the elasticity of the skin.

The collagen enriched elastin is an Istrilene specialty!

Great for every skin type.
Content: 50 ml - Art. No.: 10509

A very gentle cream based on soluble collagen.
Apply a little cream twice a day to pure skin for three weeks. The cream is very quickly and completely absorbed by the skin. In the morning: first clean the face, followed by the Collagen elastin enriched. Let it withdraw. Then apply the basic day cream and then possibly the make-up. In the evening: cleanse the skin with milk and tonic or cleansing gel. Apply enriched collagen elastin before going to sleep. After the three-week cure, the cream can only be applied in the evening after thorough cleansing of the skin.