Body Powder

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Body Powder

Natural talc with a soft perfume
A fine talc that absorbs excess body fluids and sweat.
The talc has a cooling and calming effect.

Natural minerals absorb the moisture in the skin folds.
It protects the skin and keeps it dry, supple and smooth.
After showering or bathing, first dry the skin extra well with a soft towel, and then apply the talcum powder.

A fine talc with soft perfume that is presented in a handy sprinkler. This talk can be recommended for both babies and adults.
Also suitable for intimate care, after hair removal with a lady shave or a depilatory cream.

content: 70 gr. - Art. no: 50340-1

Talcum powder is good for many ailments, but can also be helpful for all kinds of beauty problems. Do you suffer from skin irritations after shaving? Talcum powder provides relief from itching and irritations. The cooling effect of talcum powder makes the skin calm. Also very nice for the men. Important meeting, stress, 20 degrees outside or an exciting appointment? All situations in which you do not want to get unsightly sweat stains. Deodorant works well against odors, but often does not keep the armpits completely dry. Therefore, first use talcum powder on your armpits before applying deo. Apply a hair product, blow-dry and then shape with hairspray. Sometimes the ultimate cut can take quite some time. With a little talcum powder against the roots, your hair becomes a lot stiffer and it has more volume in one go. In addition, the powder makes your hair less greasy. The temperature in shoes can rise significantly. But in addition to sweaty feet, this heat source can also lead to fungal nails and athlete's foot. Using talcum powder on your feet and in your shoes will keep your feet cool and dry. The talcum powder creates less friction, so blisters have no chance. Summer days and short skirts equate to chafing thighs. Not everyone suffers from it, but if you do, it can be very annoying for people with thighs touching each other. The solution: apply a little talcum powder between the legs in the morning. Men can also apply talc between the legs in case of redness due to sweating, or wearing tight underwear or trousers. Talcum powder keeps baby skin clean, soft and dry. For example, you can use talcum powder for your baby after a bath. Dry your baby well first. Then you can sprinkle talcum powder in the skin folds to prevent skin irritation.