Bathing Oil Classic - Bad Olie - Huile de Bain

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The Istrilene Bathing Oil classic is a slightly foaming bath oil based on coconut oil and mink oil.

After use, your skin feels peachy soft again: especially the very dry skin becomes supple and soft again.
Unlike other bath oils, the Istrilene bath oil, due to its specific composition, does not leave any greasy traces or edges on the bathtub.

The effect of the nourishing oils make the use of this oil very suitable as preparation for your sunbath. it also has a good effect as a foot bath for very dry skin, cracks, fungal nails, calluses, ...
Can serve as a shampoo for very dry hair.
Content: 250 ml - Art. No.: 170276

One nut is enough for a bath. Pour the bath oil on the bottom of the bath where the water jet hits the bath. It is best to fill the bath with the sprinkler. The bath oil classic can also be used on a sponge or on a washcloth. Can serve as a skin cleanser while showering or at the sink.