Cooling Face Mask

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Has a deep cleansing, pore purifying and moisture level regulating.
It forms a sealing, dry film.
The active ingredients increase blood circulation so that the skin will clean itself.
The powder substances in the cream trap dirt and grease that are expelled. When the mask is dry, the action is over and can be washed away with water.
The fresh effect develops a little later and lasts a relatively long time. If you wish to enhance the fresh effect, the dry cream must be washed off with lukewarm water.
For a clear complexion, use the refreshing mask at least once a week.
Suitable for normal to oily skin.

Content: 50 ml - Art. No.: 20803

Algae: cleanse the skin and stimulate blood circulation. Marine algae are rich in trace elements. Oligo elements contain a cocktail of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and plant extracts. Oligo elements have a positive influence on the cell renewal process in the skin tissue. The moisture balance is maintained and the suppleness of the skin increases. Aloe: has a stimulating and astringent effect, keeps the skin soft and calm and ensures good skin regeneration. Gentian: improves blood circulation, has an astringent effect and purifies the skin. Angelica: purifies the skin, improves blood circulation and calms the skin.
Thoroughly clean face and neck (gel / milk and tonic) Apply the cream in a thick layer on the face and neck, avoiding the contours of the eyes and mouth. Let it work for +/- 20 minutes until it is dry. Remove the dry cream with plenty of water. To maintain a fresh effect for longer, rinse the mask with lukewarm water. Given the soft composition of the cream, the mask can even be used several times a week. The refreshing mask can be applied very easily to the face and neck. For a clear complexion, use the refreshing mask at least once a week. A nourishing and cleansing mask based on several active ingredients gives everyone a refreshing and clarifying effect.
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Ann D.

Cooling Face Mask - enorm revitaliserend & hydraterend

Super goed gevoel achteraf. Voel me helemaal gerevitaliseerd en gerehydrateerd.